Hey there guys.

I am working on some parts for a boat project of mine and feel like I may be wasting my time.

Question: will all Stainless steel tube and stock polish to a mirror finish ??
I try to snatch up any 316L s/s surplus from a local supplier when ever it is in the reminents bin so the materials are unpolished and some times rough.

I have some 2 in tube (not sure if it is 316 or 304) any way there is a deep grain pattern that looks like a brushed finish, that won't sand out I have tried scotch brite pads Brown/Maroon/Blue then 150, 220, 320 sand paper. I even made a fixture to attach short legenths of tube to my bench grinder to act as a lathe for the purpose of spinning the tube. So that is one problem, the other is some 1in x .125 flat stock it has a scaley s/s mil finish and it is 316L I would really like to get all the parts to a mirror finish.

I do have a large buffer and rouge for the final polish, but could use some advise on how to get it good for the final high shine polish.