Post em up.....what motor is in that green bike?
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I"m 31, I'll be 32 in march of '09. I've been riding since i was about 8 years old and although i've crawled, been airlifted and sometimes taken an ambulance to the hospital after a big get-off i just can't give up the bikes.

In Oct 1992 i tore my left hip out of socket trying to clear the new tripple they had built at Budds Creek motorplex in budds creek maryland. I raced motocross for years, from starting in the 50cc class moving up through 80cc c.b. and a classes and eventually getting into 125B before women, cars and partying took my dedication to running the points series away, but i still continue to ride dirt adn street to this day

Then in August 2001, i had the accident that the last pic that was linked in the post that shows the wife. that was the wreck that really changed my life, and even before i learned to walk again i had another F2 in the garage that i would hobble/wheel-chair out to and work on every day until i was able to ride again.

Then in '05 when i came off a bike partially in mid-air for a video we were making and destroyed my left knee when i landed, once again i was back out stunting in a heel to hip cast/brace making videos for a "video contest" on anther board i use to admin (not on there much anymore due to the owner of it being a big ass drama queen and always threatening to sell or shut down the forum)

Not that any of that is relevent, but it's some back groundd on me..
So... Anyone want some update pics on the cr85/xr250 hybrid build?