Well, one of my favorite things to do is race motorcycles..All sizes, and since the rash of bad get-offs at 130+ in my early 20's i've found a nice little sport that's not only affordable and fun to build your won creations, but there's actually races for them too!

The first pics are of one i started on for a customer just recently. IT came to me as a fully assemble 2005 Honda CR-85cc dirtbike. (with a blown bottom end) A few days ago I stripped the old motor, plastics, radiators and everything else off in getting ready to fi the brand new 250cc motor the owner had shipped to my house after dropping the bike off. Once this motor is in, I'm doing some port work, Crower will do the cam, Trail bikes HC piston (13.5:1 or so) and then I'm going to De-stroke it so it will rev like no 4 stroke 238cc bike you've seen I will post vids when i'm done

here's the first ones... the vids i'll post later are where we do shows for the J.D.R.F. And the A.C.S (diabetes and cancer societies...we do shows of stunting and jumping for the kids that are at the camps all over the US in the summer...one of the most rewarding things i've ever done for free..or paid to do actually)

Anyway... I aint here bout no jibber jabber LOL and here's where it gets long with pictures hope yo're nto on dial up HAhahaha

the first 6 or so are the CR85 w/ 250 motor