Hi everyone,

I am planning on building a new bumper for the front of my 96 ram.I would like to replicate one from Buckstop bumpers.Here is the address to the classic style bumper that i plan to fabricate.


My question comes about the best way to bend the 1/4" steel for the bumper to get the radius bend like they have at the top and bottom edges?I have a press not sure what the width is.Most likely a 24" or 30"between the uprights.
I thought that i could build some sort of die set with heavy angle with the V up.Then use a round shaft with the radius that i would like and thenpress down on the steel.I would have to do proabably 2 pieces for the front center then weld them together for the width needed.
I don't know how soon this project will happen ,but I want plan ahead for what i need to fabricate tool wise to make it happen.
Any ideas for me?Am i on the right track?