I thought I would share my all new bench. I still need to take everything off and paint it and there are a few more details I would like to finish but It is nearly done. It is amazing how easy it is to work now that 90% of my tools are in one place.

There are a few things you can't see in the pictures. There is a 50' hose reel hiding under the bench top that once the bench gets air to raise the airbags then powers the hose real. Behind the tool box on the right there is 2 wire reels that hold 4 1000" rolls of wire each. I drilled holes in the top of the bench and chamfered the holes so that the wire comes up threw the top of the work bench behind the vise. The pegboard was the most expensive part of the whole project ($250), not counting the tool boxes that I had traded labor for and the black one I already had. The airbag raise the bench about 2 inches to allow the bench to be moved but I need to get better casters as they don't like all the weight of the bench. I tried to keep it light with only using 2" channel for the lower frame and below the 1/4 thick top. I used 1.5" sq for the uprights and some 1/2 pipe. I built it all from scrap $100 or less.

I also want to add a vertical brace in the centre of the pegboard to the work top to cut down on flexing. The light/air tool rack weights a lot and tends to wiggle a bit. I added some chain and turn buckles in behind the pegboard wall and it took a lot of the flex out but it still needs a bit more tweaking.