Is it worth it? Although I'd like to get a welder/gen with at least a 10k gen on it. I have an old 10k Onan gen but no welder, this will be my first welder (of course I will still have to learn to weld). I've been looking for 2-yrs now and have been holding out for the right setup. I don't want too spend money twice. The welder will be used just in a farm type setting, No commercial welding, (I'd never be that good). I have a friend that lives within 1/4 mile of me that is a very good welder and has all the equipment for all types of welding and would teach me how to weld. Also this friend will do all of my welding for barter or low pay, but I'd like to be self-sufficient. Like right now one of my loader supports on my tractor has a crack in it, I need to use the tractor/loader but my friend is away on vacation and won't be back for another week. So guess the big ?? is should I buy it or hold out for what I really want. Sorry for the long wind.

Thank you,