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Howdey Norm glad to hear the weather is doable. . Dont forget the shades cause it seems those cool days generate nice sunlight. Just so ya know I am way jealous, I love the snow, alot. Here in the midwest we probally get the same snow all year that you get in 1 or 2 storms.

Have a good one and stay safe!

I saw that in your welding table post, really like some of the ideas you came up with.

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not sure where you are at in the "midwest" but here in omaha (called the midwest as well), we see at least 2-3 storms each winter that laydown 2-3 feet of snow each, our iwnters are 5-6 months long on average and then it stays so darn cold it doesn't go away until summer.. I'd be happy to not see ANY snow for at least 7-10 years LOL