Guys this is what my face looked like last night. I started trying my hand at 3-d cad. My goodness my eyes were bugging out, my hair felt like it was gona fall out. But in the end I did get part of it in cad. Here is a start, this is a way cool program. I just wish I knew how to make it work easier.

Actually the project is a fly by the seat of my pants kinda thing. So I had to get the cad thing and try my hand at it, just in case it turns out nice enough that someone else may want to try it.

I have read so many post about brakes that I cant remember who said it, ( it is critical to have the holes for the handle lined up right on the money with the edge of the table ). As I am on do-over # 2 with my holes. This time I got them right on. A project is way more fun when everything lines up right and fits the first time. I plan to put together a couple pages of the finished drawings after I make sure it all works right, along with the thickness that I can effectively bend. My kids come over this fri and sat so I wont get a chance to work on it untill sun. But the kids come first.