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Thread: foot control

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    Aug 2008

    Default foot control

    just got a used welder it's a miller econotig. When I stop using the foot control the gas keeps runing on for a few seconds, then it goes off. the stock # 043554 and style is KH26. Is there a problem with the foot control, or is there a quick fix.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oct 2008
    Den Haag


    The gas is supposed to keep going... It's called postflow... I'm not familliar with your welder, but I suspect that there will be a setting for it buried someplace in the menues...

    If you don't postflow your argon, you will contaminate your tungsten with oxygen from the air when it's hot from welding.


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    Aug 2008

    Default foot control

    thank for the help

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