ok so i decided the best solution for me is going to be a diamond 6" wheel for my grinder to do my sharpening. price per function it seems the best option. so what grit would be the best option?? i was thinking of maybe getting 2 wheels one for quick clean up and one for a nice finish. but may need to stick to just one for $$ reasons.
so if you were getting 2 disks what grit for quick clean and what for finish ?
if you could only have one what grit would it be??
i found a guy on e-pay with decent prices on 1"X6" disks, purity good on 8"ers also but i only have 6" grinders, so its 6"X1" for me.
i will be only using 2% lanthanated for my TA-185 (inverter) so dust is not a huge health issue with proper grinding precautions.

the sharpy would be my first choice but its just out of my $ range, i'm having enough trouble justifying keeping the TIG so huge expenses right now just are not going to happen. maybe later if i ever get it to make some $$

so what do you think for disk grits??
2 disk option???
1 disk option ??

thanks for the help.