Fusion, for around these parts Norm's situation would be the exception, not the norm (sorry, couldn't resist). When I saw the writing on the wall back in late spring / early summer I sold off the mobile portion of my business, kept a few things like the big compressor, but sold the truck, welder, welding skid, 300' of 2/0 etc. It was hard to let it go, but I'm glad I did. Times out here are fairly tough now, and the profit margin on the mobile work was getting more and more skinny and because everyone was feeling the crunch, lots of guys were hiring out the hacks who were undercutting the honest independent rig welders. So, like I was saying, I kept all the shop stuff and go after the specialty work, as it seems to have deeper pockets attached to it. Bought a new truck too, with all of those huge rebates on the new vehicles and the old truck taking lots of TLC to keep it 100% reliable from year to year, it was the right move for me. I think 2009 will be the real tough year. We'll see, hope I'm wrong. When the time's right I might put together a new skid.