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Thread: Bush Hog

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    Nov 2006

    Default Bush Hog

    Hey Gang !!
    I am looking at building a small Bush Hog to pull behind my 4-Wheeler.
    All I have at this time is the motor.
    The motor is a 12 Hp from a Snapper riding Lawnmower.
    I was thinking of making something like the deck that is on the mower, but will it work?

    Has anyone build a Bush Hog? All I am looking to cut is Palmetto's in the woods.

    Any Ideas?
    Please pass them along if you can.
    God Bless,

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    Aug 2006
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


    I've never built a brush deck, but I'll pass along what my experience has been. If you are going to use the 12hp, then is going to have to be a very small brush hog. I have a light duty 60 inch deck with two break-away blades, stump jumper and a 35HP gear box for use my compact tractor. It develops 31HP max on the 540 PTO. That is just enough power to run that mower. More than once I have stalled the tractor with high grass or brush. Anyway, just thought I'd throw some real world numbers out there for you to help with any other ideas. SSS

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    Mar 2006
    Ocean City, Maryland


    Check out Northern Hydraulics for ideas, they sell mowers sorta like what your looking for. If your pulling with a 4 wheeler than it will have to have wheels that will raise it up or adjust the cutting height since you dont have a 3 point hitch. The 12 hp engine is fine for about a 30"-36" maybe. Also I would rig up with an electric clutch so I could shut the blade off with the engine still running. If its a rear mount snapper, most did not have an electric clutch. You could rig up tensioner pulley and a lever that could reach the seat of the 4 wheeler.
    Good luck
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]

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    Nov 2006
    Benton, Pa

    Default More power?

    I have an 18 hp two cylinder Briggs inn the garage that is going to the junk yard, as soon as I move the other junk to find it.
    It was off a riding tractor that was scrapped, engine was good.
    You are welcome to it, I am in NE Pennsylvania, if you are close?

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    Nov 2006


    Well, that all depends on what you call close.
    I am in Louisiana.
    So probably not close enough.
    Thanks for the info, I still think I want to make something like this. It does not have to be big. Just big enough to fit between the trees, I need shooting lanes.

    God Bless All,

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