I'm employed as a fabricator/welder in the motorsports industry and have been involved in many an interesting project but somehow or other I got involved in intercooling for turbo/supercharged engines. First I was involved in air to air units but they are so cheap now from China and they don't really interest me any more.
A while ago I got involved with welding a water to air intercooler using cylindrical Laminova cores from Sweden and in testing so far it is exceeding our expectations.
Below are some pics of our next Laminova project on a 6 cylinder Nissan 4.2 litre (253 cubic inch) turbo diesel engine.
We have incorporated it into the inlet manifold and so far we are pretty happy with how it's turned out.
There is quite a large space between where it curls over the rocker cover (valve cover for my USA friends) and the inlet manifold but this is to allow for the diesel fuel rails, injectors and glow plugs.
We have made the snout so we can unbolt it for access to rocker arms in case of tappet adjustment and also access to the injectors etc.
Regards Andrew from Oz.