alha,wireburner, weld13 and all the rest of you guys.
James, big thing in "stealing" music, was "Napster." You probably heard of that one...All kinds of lawsuits started happening. "Limewire" is one of the favorites now, and these guys can tell you other people's favorites. These are all websites that people use to put their favorite music on the internet and share it with other, thus the term "shareware."
Real basic question, how much do you have to spend. Let's start with that.
Music can be gotten for free, but we need to know what you can afford and get first, so we can know what device or will memory you will have,how much memory you will need is dependant on how many songs your wife needs.
Guys, can you give James a more direct response of Ipods,or other devices
like Ipods with info of exact cost/memory/etc.? I wish I was more into it like you guys...