I am now playing around with the Optima pendant and my XMT 350 CC/CV and I am getting some fantastic welds in both appearance and when I cut coupons out of my welds and destroy them. I can really see how higher temperatures really do break down the properties of aluminum, steel, and stainless in much the same way as the sheet metal magicians like Ron Fournier and Kent White swear by gas welding instead of arc welding when it comes to planishing and shaping through areas that have been welded. I think I'm a pulse welding convert since I can really see the benefit of keeping temperatures down.

I consequently have been really intrigued by RMD and Pro-Pulse. My LWS said I can make an appointment with one of his welding shops to play with a Pipe Pro after hours but I figure... what's the point. It's like Christmas shopping in a high end store that you can't afford. My XMT is an inverter... and the Pipe Pro is an inverter. The Optima pendant contains a circuit board that controls the process... and the Pipe Pro contains a circuit board that controls the process; just as the XMT 350 MPa or 350P contain circuit boards that control the process.

Can you guys at Miller come up with a pendant that offers RMD and Pro-Pulse so the masses can acquire the ability more affordably?

I mean...Henry Ford's revolution came about by delivering to the masses. Today, what good is Tesla Motor's car at $80,000.00?

Miller's patented RMD and Pro Pulse look great... now get it into the hands of your market... all of your market. Develop it in China if you must but make it more broadly available. How hard can it be to package the controlling elements of RMD and Pro Pulse?

Thanks for a considerate reply if someone at Miller could address it.
Ronald Semrau