Yeah, the judge was wrong in discounting the restitution like that. He confessed, so he's accountable for all of it. If it was stereo's or laptops, a fence is only going to pay 25% (if that), so why would it be any different for steel scrap?

I'm so disgusted that our nation has become a bunch of ACLU pansies who seem to think criminals have equal rights to non-criminal citizens (and have a feeling it's only getting worse under bama). You waived your rights as soon as you violated someone else's.

yea, what he said. he should be paying you 125% to cover your expense of having to go get it again. gas and time do not just fall out of trees.
as for the " criminals have equal rights to non-criminal citizens " they tend to have more, they get a layer 4 free. the victim gets squat..

the hole country is turning into pansy azzed turn the other cheek and he couldn't help himself sissy's. time to give the rights back to the victim. after all he is not the one that chose to take part in the crime is he.