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I dont understand how you replaced your door latches. Do have a pic or two?

I'll post pics later, however mine is a crew cab, the back door latches are not keyed and installed in the same way as the drivers and passenger latches so I ordered and installed a set as well as removed the hard ware hanger that used to lock and unlock the old set with a key. Doesn't look like you can slimjim a ford truck with automatic locks. So if my batterys go dead I'm hooped getting into the truck.

Since the locks themselves are in a plastic retainer, all it takes for a thief is to take a screw driver and give it a quick turn to break the plastic holder and open the door. they popped my hood, quickly disabled the alarm siren and went at it on my ignition switch. My starter kill engaged, they routed around for stuff to steal and left.

$200 bucks later, I had a new ignition and a set of keyless door latches