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Very true Don52....BUT....there is a bunch of people who seem to come on this forum and say that they actually see and hear the HF jumping but still use whatever tungsten they feel like and act like they are totally incapable of getting into the menu or even cracking open a manual for that matter. I bet we have had a dozen or so threads on this very subject with almost no one saying they did what members advised. It just adds to the mystic of the Dynasty 200 having starting problems when it truth it is nothing more than operator error.
If they would simply get up from their computer and try to systematically eliminate the causes rather than just waste electrons on the internet this forum wouldn't be so stinkin' redundant.
For those who have legitimate problems I apologize...but I do feel that part of this problem lies in the fact that many Dynasty 200 owners are in an income bracket that can easily afford a welder this expensive for a hobby toy and are absolutely clueless when it comes to welding.
And I thought that this site was to help everyone no matter what there income bracket, mentality, experience, ability, etc, etc, how wrong was I !