[QUOTE=FusionKing;Personally I wonder why people in Austalia would even buy a welder made halfway around the world? I don't know anything about those brands of welders that you have and promote but I know they would be hard for me to get and even harder to find service I suspect.:[/QUOTE]
You can't be serious ? You don't know about Kemppi or OTC? Man are you missing out!!
[QUOTE=FusionKing; I just spent most of my morning at the LWS surrounded by Miller Esab and Lincoln machines so I haven't the foggiest notion of what really goes on...I dream it all up in my head[/QUOTE]

I just spent most of my morning at the drag strip surrounded by race cars that must make me an expert racer

We in Australia buy machines from dealers here that sell and service machines such as Miller,Lincoln,Kemppi,Esab,Fronius,Cigweld
We don't get hung up on the red an blue argument because we have access to the full rang of welding machine colours