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    Default Yet another Dynasty 200DX HF Start thread

    I have a 200DX and the HF start seems like it is gradually getting weaker/firing less and less.

    I bought the machine used a few months ago (it was fine at the time), but the hf seems to be going downhill.

    I does the thing where if it doesn't strat, I rub the tungsten on the workpiece and then it will start. But now it sometimes takes a few tries.

    So my questions are:

    1) Is there a set of points inside with an arc gap I can clean/adjust? This was the case for my ole dialarc.

    2) What's an HF board replacement cost? I am guessing this won't be a warranty job since I'm not the original owner...

    Sorry to drag a beaten to deta subject back up, but I searched and couldn't find anything conclusive on these questions...

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