Wanted to post earlier today but the computer was tweaking out or it may have been the miller message boards... kept getting the "wrong password has been entered you need to wait 15 minutes" run around.

So I posted on the Hobart board... so now because I know some of you don't frequent there (and I'm sure some do...) I will repost it here...

Please do chime in.

Here's a copy and paste:

"Had to weld some full-open corner joints using 1/4 steel, running my 200 DX on 110. I decided on multiple passes and a final weld to cover all of it. I think it's called a cap weld? Also in the pics is my Tig Torch holder I made out of Aluminum when I was still in school.

Though I took TIG in school I hardly use it at work (I only took about 24 days of Tig welding at school, it was a short summer course, I have no previous experience at all), at work we mainly use MIG and now at my new job I only use MIG on Aluminum. Not sure if some of you remember I first landed a job working with sheet metal of all kinds. The place I worked at sucked in every way (management etc), though I did learn some and learned plenty of lessons while there.

Now I work at a place that builds Aluminum boats, so everything I do is spray! It's fun, I like it, great company to work for, building boats is fun and spraying Aluminum is even better! I like it! Here is where I work. http://www.safeboats.com

Anyhow, back to the pictures, I don't have much time on the TIG, but I try. I did a single pass first (root pass?) then followed with two passes side by side and then one top pass.

Oh quick question, though I got some penetration on the back side (nothing burned, it kind of looks like a mini flat mig weld about a little smaller than 1/8 inch wide) should I throw a single pass fillet weld on the back side of the open corner joint? These are to be brackets for a cable railing. The top will serve as a base which will hold 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch square tubing.

Another question, when welding on the square tubing should I weld all sides or just two sides? I was thinking all sides for strength and uniformity? Probably more for visual uniformity...

Any constructive comments are welcome!



Photo's below...