I have been trying to collect the material to build a table for some time now and finally have all that I needed.
I thought that I might as well take some pics during the build to share. Now to start with I must say that this table is not intended to be a 100% true worktop.

4 ~ 31" 2"x2" square tubing (3/16" wall)
8 ~ 31" 2"x2" angle (3/16" wall)
4 ~ 4"x4" plate (1/4" thick)
1 ~ 48" x 48" (1/4" thick)

I chose to make my table with a base of 35" square for a couple reasons. First is that I wanted adequate overhang of the top plate for clamping.
The second reason is that I had 12' lengths of 2x2 angle but they were not perfect 12' long and I did not want scraps left over.
I wont describe every pic and I don't have a drawing. But if requested I am sure it can be arranged.

I tacked the top plate to the base with 1" welds in two places on each side.
I am not totally done yet as I will be putting a power bar under the table, A hanger for my grinders and my vise.