Ok. The company that I have been building a product for has asked me to come on board. Thy want to pay me per unit, on the books as an employeee of their corporation. I will build the units in my shop. What will I need to cover myself in the form of liability and such? Will be an employee of their corporation be enough to protect the roof over my head or should I be considering a full blown small business position? I do work on the side now and don't do more work than I legally need to claim at the end of the year. I want to continue to be legit with everything into the future and looking for some opinions. Always wanted to start my own business but a week economy has been putting me on hold for a while. All input is appreciated and I think this oppurtunity to do it on a partial basis working with one company as well as getting my own going could be great. Thanks. Dave PS- Am I too confusing now? LOL