Ace - appreciate the help

Sundown- I've got the Miller MIG handbook in hardcopy, I just needed some real world feedback. Thanks again.

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mrs.57........... WTF...........
Your use of "Mrs." in a derogatory fashion is duly noted. If you have a problem with women, or women welding, I suggest that in the future you keep it to yourself. I don't know how things are up in Canada but we have females in the local ironworker's union down here and I'm quite sure they would be willing to set you straight if you were bold enough to insult them in person. In simpler terms: Don't let your mouth write a check that your a*s can't cash.

I replied "WTF" because that was my initial impression of the completely unintelligible and pointless post you typed. I am not a "grammer nazi" but I'm sure everyone reading your comments would appreciate it if you at least made an attempt to contribute something useful and didn't clutter their thread with your irrelevant comments, needless quotes, and ridiculously large signature. If your welding is as poor as your command of plain English, I sincerely hope that you do not weld on anything structural. Looking at your other posts you have contributed absolutely nothing to the knowledge base in this forum other than Canadian discount tire has cheap prices on consumables. You appear to post solely to pad your post count numbers.

Have a nice day.