I have an older MillerMatic 200 and I would like a gas that I can do both short circuit and spray transfer with. My local welding supply has recommended an 85/15 Argon/CO2 mix as a starting point. He says 10% CO2 would be better for spray, but short circuit transfer performance suffers with <15% CO2 mixes.

I'm running .035 wire, but I'm planning on trying a roll of .030" to see how that works. I've learned .035" with 75/25 will not go into spray. Is there any particular mix of gas and wire that is well suited to both transfer methods? 3/8" steel is usually the thickest I ever generally need to weld. Anything under 1/8" I usually TIG, so the application range I'm looking at is mostly for use on 1/8 to 3/8" steel.

I need some advice from somebody who has had experience with a similar machine to narrow down the field of options. I can't afford to experiment with a dozen different combinations of gas mixes and wire right now.

Any experiences/alternatives/suggestions are greatly appreciated

Thanks, Matt

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