I was just digging through some bolts looking for info for another post here and came across my "heli-coil box". It's a little plastic storage tote with nothing but heli-coils, the tools & taps for installing them, the taps for the size hole they are repairing if i just want to make a new hole and thread it and the drill bits for all the above combos. I do mainly metric so i keep m6 x 1 ...M8 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.25 and of course i have a few standards 3/8 x 24 .. 7/16 x 18 and one other one.

When I build an aluminum block or head engine if the customer is up for it and knows what i do about aluminum and threads I'll do a complete block or head if they have the money for it (some do) and then i just feel like it's "built ford tough" LOL

Personally on my car i do as many as i can in spurts when i have something off or have a head machined or anything like that. aside from wishing i could find an easier way to bore the new hole straight, it is for some reasom, something i absolutely love to do...kinda weird i gues but oh well

So anyone else nuts over heli-coils ?????