Hello all- I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post. So here it goes....

First I'll lay out the facts. I was given a Cobra Prince XL push-pull gun (working), without the weld control unit, and own a Miller Syncrowave 250 (CC power source).

I'm contemplating my options and I'd appreciate any suggestions you fine folks have.

Option 1) Sell it as-is. Any idea what it's worth in its present condition and where I should list it? Fleabay, etc?

Option 2) From what I have been told, wire welding with a CC power source isn't the way to go. However, Cobra tells me that if I purchase the weld control unit (~$400) and the spool gun conversion kit (~$125) I would be able to wire weld successfully with my Syncro250. Anyone have experience with a similar setup? The reason I'm drawn to this option is that I wouldn't need to take up any additional space and Id have the option to wire weld. I know that I could pick up a used CV welder for similar (or maybe less money), but I'm limited on space.

Thanks everyone in advance!