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    Quote Originally Posted by turbo38t View Post
    Ok, this is what I have started to make. It's my poor attempt at ms paint LOL. I have the parts made and my drawing is not nearly to scale. The shaft that needs to be pushed/pulled to engage/disengage pump is 3/4" diameter with a detent ball. It takes a good whack with ur palm to engage/disengage. Orinally the cable had some brackets and pulled directly off the end of the shaft where the lever hooks to it. No, I am keeping the same engage direction but reversing where the cable is coming from. At the same time I am increasing leverage at a a 2:1 ratio. It's pretty simple but hope it works. Th shaft needs to throw1 3/8" overall, so the cable end of my lever needs to move approx 2 3/4" overall. The holes in the lever are at 3 5/8" center to center for the outside and the middle hole is about 1 3/16" from either hole on center. The link that attaches to the shaft and lever is to allow the slight vertical movement of the pivot point on the lever as it is pulled and the angle changes. Otherwise you would be attempting to pull the shaft upwards. Does this make sense? Does anyone think it will/won't work? Thanks. Dave
    The old school Military 5 Ton Wreckers had a clevis and pin setup.
    What if you applied that to both the cable(top of your drawing) to the lever,if possible,
    and also at the main push/pull shaft?.
    Maybe on your shaft one you ran two of them back to back with threaded rod in between, so you can adjust your travel?.

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    What are you using on the other end of the cable? Is it just the "shift knob" that slides in and out or can you put another lever on that end also. More leverage will give you more control so you dont have to "whack" it.
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    turbo38t Guest


    Here is what I ended up making. Sorry, the pic was taken with my Iphone. Dave
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbo38t View Post
    Here is what I ended up making. Sorry, the pic was taken with my Iphone. Dave
    It's Beautiful, and more important, it's not a Hokey setup.
    Should last.
    Good job, Dave!.

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    Thumbs up

    nice setup.
    as for the pic, thats great for a phone.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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