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    Default Need to Build a Target frame

    i have 5 pieces of 4' steel 1X1 1/2 steel and i need to build a target stand for this weekend to go shooting

    i have a basic idea what i want it to look like but i need some help

    i want to build it like an A frame but i need to figure out how to the steel pieces of retangular tube to meet with the center cross bar i figure i need to cut it like this / \ so that way i can weld them to the crossbar.. any tips on how to do that i just tried and it seems i need the angle cut to be extreme to get it to weld together.


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    I am a firearms instructor and own a shooting / training center. Tell me more about what type of targets, shooting, cal etc you need to account for. I will try to help from the target shooting design aspect...but there are many on this board that have much more welding experience and they will surely fill in the blanks when we know more about what you will need.

    Be Safe...Ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by joozy View Post
    i have 5 pieces of 4' steel 1X1 1/2 steel ...
    Are these solid pieces or tubing?

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    welcome to the site.
    will it be a hanging target, a solid target or a spinning target. i built a spinner for 22cal. and 12gage bird shot.
    also why an A frame?? is that needed or just an idea you are working with.
    and dido on the solid or tubes steel??
    welcome to the site.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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    hee hee hee.....
    anyway, my friend used to make some, square or rectangular frame, with tubing as hinges, so target could swing after being shot.
    Again, like the rest...MORE INFO PLEASE
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    These are the ones I have built. They are super cheap, easy to store and handle, and work great.

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    Smile Target frames


    I build target stands for our gun club similar to liliysdad's stands. The big advantages of this design are, the vertical frames that holds the target are 1"x2" strips of wood. If you shoot the frame, the bullet will go through the 1"x2" and not bounce back toward you like it might if the frame was steel. If you hit the frame several times, you only have to replace an inexpensive 1"x2" strip of wood and not a steel target frame. You can attach any type paper target to the frame with a hand held staple gun, at any height you want, which makes it quick to set up and change targets. The 1"x2"s will lift out of the bottom steel frame and both bottom frame and 1"x2"s will stack in the back of you truck or even your auto trunk. From the pictures liliysdad posted, I would guess he shoots USPSA/IPSC.

    Have a great, safe shoot this weekend,


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