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    Default A Heartfelt thank you goes to Monte55

    Some of you may remember several weeks ago I lost both of my cats as they chased a possum out of my trash cans and were hit and killed by the same car as they chased the possum across the street.

    After I posted the cross that I made for their grave, Nick (Monte55) went out of his way to make some very nice looking name plaques to add to the cross. I have had them for several weeks now and was finally able to take the time and mount them to the cross yesterday. What an upgrade, really finishes the memorial to the girls with a touch of class they deserve.

    Nick, Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to help others when in need, I'm really glad to see that in the me first world, there are still some of us that will go the extra mile for others. Thanks Again, Dave

    P.S. I would also like to thank all of the forum members who posted replies in the original thread "Bad day at the homestead", your thoughts make it easier to accept their death. Thank you to all.
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    That was a nice touch and i know how you feel...Bob
    Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder
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    Renews your faith in people... Sorry for the lose & that was really cool of ya Nick. Rodney

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    Very nice work Dave & Nick.

    Reading this post brightened my day as Im sure it did many others.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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    Thumbs up Nice memorial

    Very nice memorial for your pets.

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    Monte, that was really cool of you.
    Joe in NY

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    Very nice work guys!

    pumkinhead grow up.
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    I've had many pets, 99% are dead through various forces of nature. You dig a hole, toss in the corpse, fill the hole, visit a shelter, rescue another. You DO NOT make a fancy grave marker (GRAVE MARKER?!?! GRAVE MARKER?!?! for a cat???? ((O.K. two cats)). Geez o' Pete, my homestead would look like Bunker Hill if I did that.

    Headstones, crosses, memorials, etc. come on?
    These were cats, and apparently outdoor cats at that, iff'n they went out and never returned was Dabar going to call in a search and rescue operation?

    What makes those two cats anymore worthy than the cow that was killed to provide my steak and egg breakfast?
    Because they didn't end up on a plate?

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    If you feel that way......I'd say you owned animals, not "pets".
    Your posts in the past made me feel that you just couldn't say anything dumber........but you never cease to amaze me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c wagner View Post
    Very nice work guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by c wagner View Post
    pumkinhead grow up.
    Double Ditto


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