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Thread: my new grill

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    Default my new grill

    I finally finished my grill. My father and myself had talked about making a grill like this for a while just been to busy but I finally found the time.
    the original plan was to make one out of a old oil drum, but no matter what you did to it it would still look like a oil drum, so I bent the sheet up at work and went to town, hope you like it, it was alot of fun to build
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Trailblazer 302G
    MM 210 with spool gun
    Thermal Arc Heffty2 CC/CV suitcase
    Smith torches
    Porter Cable 14" carbide chop saw
    griders and hand tools coming out the WAZOO

    I owe! I owe! so off to work I go!

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