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    As far as the drain water, I just have a big pan that stays under the tank. It catches most of the spray and it just evaporates off. Some of it splashes out, but it hasn't presented that big of a problem yet. Of course we don't use it all day every day. As far as a supplier for those, just about any commercial truck acsessory/supply/parts store will have them. I just get a generic valve with male 1/4" NPT and it screws right in.


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    I purchase/upgraded my compressor last year because the one I had was a small single stage and it couldn't keep up with my new blast cabinet.

    While looking for a new compressor, a friend of mine told me about the new compressor he had purchased for his shop. He has a small body shop and uses quite a few air tools, so his need for HP and CFM is important. When he told me he had purchased a single stage 3 cyclinder unit, I said I really wasn't interested in going that route. He told me to stop by his shop and he'd show me how well his compressor operates.

    I must say that I was impressed and wound up buying the same compressor.

    When I went into the store they had 2 units sitting side by side, one was a 2 stage unit and the other was a single stage 3 cyclinder unit. Both were made by the same company, had the same HP, CFM. same sized tank, identical to eachother except for the compressors, and price. The single stage 3 cyclinder unit was $699.00 and the 2 stage unit was $1099.00.

    I have to say, that the 2 stage units pump up a little faster, than the unit I have, which I already knew, but not enough to notice and surely not enough to warrent a $400.00 difference is price.

    This unit has no problem supplying all the air I need for the blast cabinet and air tools, that I use. On a couple occassions I have used an airarc and it supplies all the air needed.

    These compressors are made by Eagle Compressors in Canada and their web site is:

    I am very satified and pleased with the compressor I have and reccomend looking into this company before you purchase your next unit.

    I don't have any pictures of the unit I purchased, but the model number is C5160V1

    Hope this information helps.

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    Smile Ingersoll Rand

    Hey Metal Head,

    For a shop air compressor, I would check out the Northern Tool and Equipment. They carry Ingersoll Rand compressors. I caught a 5 hp, 80 gal, 230v machine on sale for less than $800. These compressors normally sell for around $1200.

    I have a 4 bay auto hobby/light fab shop. It more than meets my needs. I have each bay "plumbed for air" with a separate drop for a plasma cutter. This line has more filters and is not used with any automatic oilers. Plasma cutters require very clean dry air for the best cuts.

    Just like most other things; "you get what you pay for". The big compressors you get at the home improvement stores are OK but an IR will last you a lifetime.

    Best of luck,

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    I don't know enough about compressors, but James, Dave, SSS, or someone mentioned the minimum CFM one should have...seemed to be more important than the psi. Any help for him out there?

    Question: 'bout opening up a shop...Someone mentioned to me a few months ago that an inspector came to his shop (probably some state official) and fined him for having an illegal air compressor (probably sent by his competitor. Apparently an air compressor (and maybe other tools) for a commercial business has to be inspected and passes every year. For the price of the repair guy overhauling it yearly, he just buys a new compressor every year. Is this some crappy hawaii law, or is this bs???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    ...minimum CFM one should have...seemed to be more important than the psi...

    ...Someone mentioned to me a few months ago that an inspector came to his shop...
    Hey Bert,

    Pressure measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and Air Flow measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) are equally important and are tool specific. For example; I have a high speed 5" grinder/sander that requires high airflow but not so much pressure. I also have a framing nail gun that requires pressure up over 100psi to seat the nails to the head.

    I recommend looking at the tools you think you might need either on line or in a good supply store and then getting a compressor that will handle both the airflow and pressure requirements. Consider if you will be running more than one tool at a time.

    When I built my shop, I built it to state code (TX). All plumbing and wiring, etc. are code so no problems with inspectors. We don't get to many of those type snooping around down here in Texas anyway.


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    PSI will help the Volume increase, a 80 gal tank with 175Psi hasmore air to offer than the same tank at 135Psi
    most tools ( that i have seen) run below 135, even a Pro. grade air gun for fraiming nails is 100-110 Psi. they are both important but for running high volume air tools its best to look for high CFPM compressors to keep up. whatever PSI the tank can make it will still get regulated down to 100-135 going out the lines, unless yoiu have a special need for HIgher PSI.
    most compressor's have 2 ratings, one at 40psi and another at 90 PSI. this tells you how fast the tank will fill and how well it will keep up when its at operating PSI.
    most of the single stage (IHS) are 135PSI its not till you get into the 2 stagers you start to so 175PSI.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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