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    Thanks to all of you for your responses!

    Very helpful.


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    Default Cable railing

    I`m not the best estimator personally, but i can offer a bit of advise. Almost without exception, your end posts need to be double posts or reinforced with some sort of visually appealing strong back. If you don`t take this into account your end posts will be "banana"_ed by the time you get 8 lines of cable tight enough. If it`s a code job, this means tight enough that a 4" sphere won`t deflect the cables and pass through at the center point of your post span.
    Just something to think about as it could add to your material and labor costs. Discovering this at the end of the project definitely adds to your labor costs and aspirin bill.
    Good luck to you on your project...............Dave.

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    Thumbs up nfinch86-Canadian Weldor:

    Quote Originally Posted by usmcruz View Post
    Finally we get a man here worth his salt to give a straight up estimate for a job. Thanks nfinch86.
    usmcruz, HI; THANKS !!!!!! ....... Norm :

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