I'm building a 13ft cable railing with 5 posts. Each post is 1 1/2 x 1/ 1/2 and will have it's own 1/4 inch thick base.
The top will be 1/4 inch flat bar which will be capped with wood. The railing posts will (obviously ) have holes for the cable to run through.

Right now the customer wants to use mild steel, but may decide to go stainless (which I think will look better), either way I don't exactly know how to price out labor costs...

This is a side gig, I'm no pro, but can put down nice Tig welds, I say I'm no pro because I'm sure I don't work as fast as a pro who has a nice welding table, a bunch of clamps and jigs etc. I'm sure I have what it takes to do the job, it will just take me a bit longer....

So, what do I charge? How do I charge? I hardly know what it would take me to get it done, I don't want to under estimate?

I've heard that some charge by the foot
Some multiply the hours (hourly wage)
Some piece it out and have the charges itemized by a charge for cutting the material (ex: 80 cents a cut) and a charge for drilling holes... 16 holes per square tube (8 on each side) 5 tubes, thus 80 holes total.


How would you figure this out?

I'm just a dude with a welding job who also enjoys picking up side work. I'd work on it at work but at work we only deal with Aluminum, no mild steel there and the work benches are all Aluminum as well.