As some of you know I have been actively involved with a project r&d team. It's a couple friends of mine and the project has gone very well. We're just trying to solve a small issue. On the one end of a 4" box tube there is an open end that needs to be capped. For cost reasons a molded plastic press in type cap was originally used and then there were some issues during testing of it popping out. Now a special epoxy has been used and the epoxy never breaks but the kinetic energy is actually causing the caps to break along the molding/casting reinforcements. They like the idea of welding a diamond plate cap over the end and it looks awesome but in all reality a full corner weld and precies fitment is need to make it look right and that's not very cost efficient. Just wondering if anyone else has any other ideas for a cap that would stay in place. This is an impact device and creates alot of kinetic energy that does some unimagineable things. Anyways.....that's where I'm at for now. Thanks again all. Dave