i came verry close to getting the Dyn 200DX about 2 years ago, had the torch, footcontrole, flowmeeter and was about to order the dyn on friday when we found out thursday we had a new child on the way,good timeing but needless to say the TIG welder got put on hold. but i did look into the DVI cord option for it. i later ended up getting a TA-185 thats only 240V so no more need for the 120V/240V optional plug.
some one on the ask andy side is running a thread about how to wire it, they may have more up to date priceing for ya.
lots of window shopping, know a lot of prices and information, but not much money to buy!!!!!!!!!
when ya got no $$ all ya can do is window shop. seems like some thing for the family always comes up befor my toy's, guess thats a good thing.