My Dynasty arrived today. Yea!

First thoughts: It's heavier than I expected. I didn't put it on a scale or anything but I won't be strapping it to my shoulder and skipping to a job, esp. with all the other crap attached to it. Not to mention a tank.

This brings me to my question: Any pics of welding carts for a dynasty? I envision a mig type cart with a shelf below to stow the foot pedal or perhaps even the whole contractors case.

Other thoughts: I ran some beads on steel and al. I wasn't getting a HF start at the beginning. I was using ceriated ground to a point, and had to scratch it to start. Towards the last few beads on al it was starting alright.

Of course in my excitement I threw everything together and probably didn't have the best ground, I had old steel and al, and didn't do anything to the settings...I just turned it on and went at it.

A/C seems louder than the Sync 250dx I have at work.

I did get the fan to come on doing aluminum at 150 amps. Had it hooked up to 220v.

In spite of my hurry, the arc seemed much better than the Sync's (That may have been my money talking, though )

I'm happy with it and can't wait to really get into it. Don't have tig gloves here and they sent me the wrong aluminum I have a few things to do for the optimum setup.

Last q?: Does anyone have a plug setup where you can plug it into just about anything? I envision having it set up for one plug, and then have a 'transfer box' where I can utilize other voltages and 3 phase.

Bought everything from IOC on ebay. Ordered it SUNDAY, and It was here today! Very happy with them, too.