hey everyone,
Ive had miller stuff for 8 years. Ive had my dynasty for 3 and never need to tig weld with it till now. I know I bought the right machine but cant figure out how to use it properly. could someone give me some starting parameters for the following:

1/16 6061
1/8 6061
1/16 steel
1/8 steel
1/16 ss
1/8 ss
i use straight argon with 2% 3/32 or 1/16 dia. ceriated with modified point

I have tig welded alot of the above materials with another machine that doenst have all the bells and whistles, now i feel like I cant weld crap!!

Ive been trying to read about the balance, frequency, pulses, but ya know i dont read so well without no pictures. So maybe like a little beginner chart will help.

as far as miller equip i have or had:
bobcat 225
trailblazer 302
mm 180
dynasty 200dx
thunderbolt ac/dc stick welder
30a spool gun
spectrum 2080

now have the last 5 on the list

I wish I knew how to weld someday

thanks, rich