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    You might try Dart Machinery, manufacturer of aluminum blocks and heads for the racing world. They might have some thoughts on the subject as well. I bet they are in the pre-heat camp though. I will be interested to know how your repair goes, JEFF

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    Hey Guys,
    Brought this subject up with the fellow at work that should know the answer, multiple PHD , sits on the aluminum resource and alcoa boards, his whole life revolves around aluminum castings. Anyway he gave me a funny look when I mentioned using no pre or post heating when welding on either 319 or 356. He didnt believe the heat treatment in the adjacent area would be affected more one way or another. He also offered that welding it "cold" probably appeared to have worked in a couple situations, but without lab testing it was anyones guess as to how long it would hold up. He could find no mention of it anywhere in any text.
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    Default Block repair

    You could try Weston Machine in Piscataway NJ, Charlie Weston. He was known as drag racings best kept secret. All the pros would send him blocks for specialitiy machine work and repair. He does all custom block work and repair. I think his website is

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