My Brother called today and he has an aluminum block brought to his machine shop that another machine shop severally screwed up.
It is a ZO-6 Corvette "427". The other shop pressed a new sleeve into a cylinder with too much interference and cracked it in about 4 places on a couple of cylinders and then called the customer and said tough luck
He (my brother) has a big enuff machine for the job but doesn't have a cooler on it. He would like for me to try and fix it.
My question is does anyone know what material this block is made out of??
This is a higher stressed area and I would like to get it right the first time if I'm gonna go thru all the pre and post heating hassle.
I also understand that this is a relatively expensive block so it should be a pretty good chunk of change if I can voodoo it back into one piece
I do big castings all the time but at this time I am open to any and all suggestions on filler material and procedures too. I don't want any surprises here just family name is riding on this one
BTW, I ain't got no oven so don't go there