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Thread: Newest project

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    here is the website to the bender i have the model 3 .....i would also like to get a tubing roller to make some long graduall bends but for now this is plenty good...

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    Ahh yes... that is prety much the same as the one i use, got mine from "pro-tools" down in Fla. cost was O.K. around $900.00 with one die back in 2001... i'm sure they've gone up since

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    yes i was going to get that one they seemed pretty much the same....and i bought 5 dies with mine so i wouldnt have to worry about getting them later on....

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    Really cool project, cant wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing the progress. I meant to post earlier but forgot. I was wondering what the thing on the floor is in the last picture on youre first post. It looks like a little miniature Miller Elite American Flag welding helmet.
    To all who contribute to this board.
    My sincere thanks , Pete.

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    thats my tape measure actually but it does look like that lol i never noticed that until you said something.....

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    newset update sorry its been awhile guys lol had these pics just never posted..
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    T Chassis,

    good on ya! The Banshee looks hot! You will love the tig welding once you get into it! I have had my Dynasty for a couple of months now and it truly addicting! I haven't by any means mastered it but it opens up so many options as to what I can weld, my only regrets are that I didn't have one 10 years ago!

    As for tungsten grinding, yup in the beginning you will learn as much about tungsten grinding as welding! I found that my little Dremel tool with their diamond cutoff wheel works great and takes up no real estate and (I already had it) I also got a glass smooth grind in a matter of seconds (chuck the tungsten in a cordless) the Dremel held in a vertical position.
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    Thumbs up

    cool looks like it's going to be fun.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t chassis View Post
    newset update sorry its been awhile guys lol had these pics just never posted..
    Hey how do you make jigs for your swingarms and a-arms? I race them and $600 for a set of steel arms is insane and $500 for an aluminum swingarm is even worse, I've been trying to think of way to make a jig for my suzuki quadracer arms. Thanks

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    I have never made a jig for a set of suspended a-arms just jigs for a-arms like these...i have a whole new jig now and am almost finished with another chassi i will post pics of it soon....but i have been wanting to build a set of a-arms like you are talking about i just dont have a trail bike so i cant do it, and i want to build a set for a personal bike a test them before i would chance selling someone something i have never personally for swingarms i have a jig set-up to build any type of atv swingarm well as far as chain driven atv...but also have only built swingarms for drag bikes which dont do any ramping or anything, i dont doubt that i would be able to build one for trail riding, but again i want to try it and ride it personally before i would put someone else in danger....

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