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Thread: Newest project

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    yea i really want to start practicing with the tig i bought it used its a syncrowave 250 and the mig i have is a millermatic 140 but the only thing i need is to get gas for my tig and then i can start practicing.....Cant wait until i can use it on these frames it will make them look alot cleaner.....

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    I got the front end done tonight i should be able to post some more pics tomm....Forgot my camera today....seems like everytime i build something i forget to take pics lol

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    Sweet looking action shot!!!

    I always seem to forget my camera too.
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    here are the pics of what i finished last night and also a couple pics of the jig i built so i can build the a-arms.....Let me know what you guys think.....
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thumbs up

    thats great man!!
    what are you using to bend the tubing??
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    turbo38t Guest


    Whee are you from? Did you ever race at that ATV drag strip in Rush, Pa(Northeast Pa)?
    Quote Originally Posted by t chassis View Post
    thanks everyone....i posted a pic of me racing mine its a 443cc banshee and made 116hp ran 300ft in 3.9 seconds at 80 mph....wont have pics of this one racing till next summer...But i am using .065 chro molly and actually just using a mig....I know alot of people dont agree with this but i have read alot about it and people seem to be torn on which is actually better i mean i know tig is better and has a smaller haz but i just bought my first tig and havnt even turned it on yet i still have to learn how to tig....And i built my own jig to keep the a-arms true and straight didnt cost me anything just stuff we already had...Ill get some pics of it also while im building the a-arms.....i wish i could give you more info but i am also just learning and improving my techniques...I actually am only 18 and this is only the 3rd chassis i have done...i have bought alot of new equipment lately and this is the first frame i have got to use it on....I can say from experiance i will never hesitate to buy good equipment the first time from now on it makes projects so much easy....

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    im from west virginina and no never heard of a track in it dirt or sand?

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    turbo38t Guest


    Dirt. It's quite popular now actually. They have two tracks.....a sled track and a bike/quad track I guess. It's in Rush, Pa . Will try to get ya more info....Dave
    Quote Originally Posted by t chassis View Post
    im from west virginina and no never heard of a track in it dirt or sand?

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    that sounds great thanks alot....and i am using a jd2 tubing bender to make the bends

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    Quote Originally Posted by t chassis View Post
    that sounds great thanks alot....and i am using a jd2 tubing bender to make the bends
    Nice looking bends! what are the limits on the bender?

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