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    Default Metal Bender - Part One

    After reviewing a bunch of metal bender designs on this forum and the web, I finally got around to making a Hossfeld-like bender. This one is scaled down somewhat from the full size Hossfeld's and modified. I'm not too sure how thick of material I can bend on it, but it's big enough for what I think I need at this time. This is a work-in-progress, upcoming jobs will likely dictate changes to the design. A design-as-you-go project.

    I'll post a few photos to show some of the design differences from a Hossfeld. All the material, except for the pins and a couple of dies, is scrap I've had laying around. The pins are made from 1144 Stress Free and hardened. I've case hardened (using Kasenit) a couple of the bull nose pieces, but not the dies (yet).

    I think the only real design difference in this bender is the use of the saddles and insert tools. By very carefully spacing holes in the forks (using a vertical mill) I was able to make the saddle pins fit tight in the forks. Then, using a piece of receiver tubing for a clamp, I'm able to make just about any fixture I need - and, these fixtures can have a wide range of adjustment. Lots of flexibility. For sure, the bending capacity is limited when using the saddles above the forks.

    I've mounted the bender in a receiver hitch tube on my welding table (on lockable wheels). Time will tell whether this arrangement will offer enough torque. But, I can rotate the bender in a number of directions to change the position to get more leverage.

    Part Two will be designing a scroll attachment. One that minimizes the amount of flat section on the interior scroll.
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