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    Jul 2007

    Default Bobcat 225G+ issuss, comments ?

    I'm pretty much new to welding, its been about 20 yrs and that
    was all gas. I don't ever see myself needing a bigger unit, and have
    a couple friends that shipyard welders if I do, anyways;

    I just picked up a Bobcat 225G+ at an auction for $335 and would
    like to know anything to watch of for, issues, comments, etc. I don't
    know yet if it runs, since it has sat for about 5 years, I put some oil
    down the cylinders and I'm waiting to blow all the sand & dust out of it.
    The dust is about 25% aluminum oxide, not the best thing for brushes
    and engines, I'll give it a try this weekend.

    Some picts

    The other welder I got is a XMT-304CC/CV with a XR Control
    feeder, I'll ask about it later.


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    Aug 2006
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


    I don't have specific experience with that model, but I would just do the regular maintenance items first. Change the oil, filter if it has one. Fuel filter and flush the fuel tank. If it has been sitting that long, then there's a really good chance the carb will need a good cleaning and possibly an overhaul kit. Some of those engines have a valve train powered fuel pump, so it may or may not be working. Depending on the environment it was stored in, there may be some corrosion problems in the electrical switches and such. With 800+ hrs it may either be up for brushes or you may be lucky and it had a new set put in not too long ago. Have to pull them and see. Other than that, put some gas in it, charge the battery and see where the smoke comes from...hopefully just the end of the rod you're burning....SSS

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    Apr 2007
    Clifton Colorado


    Hey Pete, You didn't buy that welder you stole it for $335.00. Nice looking rig for that kind of money you can afford to spend some money to fix it up.

    Good Luck

    Miller Bobcat 250
    Try not to spend $10.00 worth time $.10 job

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    Mar 2007
    ****inson ND


    What on earth was that thing used for?!? Thats a heck of a lot of AL. powder.
    I wouldn't use the cutting torch around that thing until it's clean or you just might wake up in the neighbors tree.

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    Jul 2007

    Default that white dust / sand

    Luckily it not base metal, its the ore and waste from making it.

    It came from an closed aluminum mill that covered over 100 acres.

    The dust/sand/grit is from making the metal. You take bauxite
    grind it up to a fine sand consistency, add a few goodies,
    then a little bit of electricity 3-5 volts, 150,000 AMPS.

    When your done you get aluminum metal out the bottom
    and out everywhere else one of the waste byproducts alumina
    or aluminum oxide, it and the ore dust get everywhere.


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    Dec 2006


    Filters , oil change, a good wishing and you should be set. Simple machine not much to go wrong.

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