I'm pretty much new to welding, its been about 20 yrs and that
was all gas. I don't ever see myself needing a bigger unit, and have
a couple friends that shipyard welders if I do, anyways;

I just picked up a Bobcat 225G+ at an auction for $335 and would
like to know anything to watch of for, issues, comments, etc. I don't
know yet if it runs, since it has sat for about 5 years, I put some oil
down the cylinders and I'm waiting to blow all the sand & dust out of it.
The dust is about 25% aluminum oxide, not the best thing for brushes
and engines, I'll give it a try this weekend.

Some picts


The other welder I got is a XMT-304CC/CV with a XR Control
feeder, I'll ask about it later.