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Fusion King,

What is the max ampres AC-DC you work with using the Dynasty?
I am so new to the process I probably have the Max ampres higher then necessary and just find myself using less of the peddle. I have yet to use anything but the default settings.

Sure hard to imagine using anything other then an inverter machine in a shop that doesn't have 3 phase. I would be greasing the electric meter if I were running a Syncrowave 200.

Have you run your machine off of a Generator? If so what size?



Oh it varies quite a bit actually (the amps I run) But on 115v I tend to set max around 115-120 because I have tripped a lot of 20 amp breakers running higher so I just get by at that setting when possible. Seldom does anyone have bigger installed on my client list.
From there up I generally hunt up some 230v and run a 10/3 cord to it with whatever pigtails I need to get 'er done.
I have run my first Dynasty at max amps for whatever comes up on the Bobcat 225 many times. With the economy change and also me trying to change the nature of my biz (which is starving me now) I have yet to run my newer style Dynasty on the Bobber.
As for the electric bill that is really quite a misconception unless you pay a TON more for electric than me. Actual arc time is all that is really gonna jack your bill up and tigging requires a lot more fiddling around than most processes. The fan doesn't pull much juice esp. on demand. It would take years to pay the diff on a hobbiest level and if looking at the long run I would say chances are really good for a Sync outlasting a Dynasty.
If you had a shop with several guys running welders then I could see the payoff when buying all new equipment.
Now portability is the best part about the little 200 IMO even tho you have to make more trips than 1 with all the leads and bottle too. Autoline just makes it that much sweeter.