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    If you all look at the very end of the video you will see where the remote control airplane goes off screen right as the real plane is coming in to view and the cockpit hatch lifts off. Still interesting to see that an R/C plane could fly and land with one wing. I wonder if the wing falling off was planned/practiced?

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    True, it was a fake, if it was real, that spiral to the ground would have been uncontrolable in a real situation. But then again with that oversized prop, and super light frame, one would think he could have helicopered to the ground an a semicontrolled fashion if he caught it quick enough and had a low enough air speed

    Wings are bolted on, not welded for ease of transport.

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    At first view, thats a cool video. Dont be fooled though. There are two things that do not add up.

    #1) It is very illegal to fly a plane in the US without "N" numbers clearly visible on the side. This is a unique registration number that the FAA takes very seriously.

    #2) In order for a plane's control surfaces to be effective, there must be airflow over the control. The effectiveness of a control surface (which is all planes have to control their attitude(pitch, etc)) is directly proportional to the airflow over it provided you don't overload it..... You will notice that the "plane" is not actually moving much at the end (hence, very little airlfow) yet it is able to have EXTREMELY effective controls.

    Oh, and I forgot one other thing, there are no visible sh*# stains on the windows.

    If it is real, thats the best **** pilot I've ever seen.
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