Hello, i posted here earlier a couple months ago about building a dump trailer and found out, its just cheaper to buy one! I got a 2007 PJ Dump Trailer for $2700 US which last month was $3100 CDN. When i looked into the costs of building one, it was: (at princess auto-cheapest prices in BC)
$1000 for the powerpack and the hydraulic cylinder (give or take)
$600 for the 5000# axles
$550 for two 6 bolt trailer tires.
$1500 give/take for the metal. @ 1.53 pd/steel. (pj trailer is almost 1500 pds of Metal on it!)
$100 for 7000 Jack
$500-1000 for misc such as powdercoating, lights, breakaway kits, 7 way harness, hoses, toungue, and the million other little bits that you always need!

I never included LABOUR (even if my own), Gas, for truck and welder!, blades, grinding wheels, buying buddy's beer to help! etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!

I did however build the 3 foot extension with removable sides on the front and rear! That alone cost me $750 for the metal (0.063) and paint and the 3/4 9F mesh sides! The sides took a couple days of pissing around with (as we had no real plans)..

Almost makes me wonder why i wanted to do it myself in the first place?

Heres a couple pics of the trailer with the new sides!