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    Default Cheaper to Buy dump trailer than build?

    Hello, i posted here earlier a couple months ago about building a dump trailer and found out, its just cheaper to buy one! I got a 2007 PJ Dump Trailer for $2700 US which last month was $3100 CDN. When i looked into the costs of building one, it was: (at princess auto-cheapest prices in BC)
    $1000 for the powerpack and the hydraulic cylinder (give or take)
    $600 for the 5000# axles
    $550 for two 6 bolt trailer tires.
    $1500 give/take for the metal. @ 1.53 pd/steel. (pj trailer is almost 1500 pds of Metal on it!)
    $100 for 7000 Jack
    $500-1000 for misc such as powdercoating, lights, breakaway kits, 7 way harness, hoses, toungue, and the million other little bits that you always need!

    I never included LABOUR (even if my own), Gas, for truck and welder!, blades, grinding wheels, buying buddy's beer to help! etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!

    I did however build the 3 foot extension with removable sides on the front and rear! That alone cost me $750 for the metal (0.063) and paint and the 3/4 9F mesh sides! The sides took a couple days of pissing around with (as we had no real plans)..

    Almost makes me wonder why i wanted to do it myself in the first place?

    Heres a couple pics of the trailer with the new sides!

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    I'm not surprised. Trailer manufacturers buy in quantities and get better pricing than an individual can. Unless you need something that can't be bought, you can usually buy as cheap as you can build a trailer.

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    Nice looking unit!
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    I really appreciate your post. The sides you added are a nice touch. I just completed building two trailers. A 14ft enclosed and a 18ft flatbed. I saved considerably on the enclosed, not so much on the flatbed. My next project is a dump. A 14ft dump around here (southern Illinois) is the best part of
    $7K, so you beat that price allot. I suppose a used one would be fine, assuming I could find one. I planned on buying a used lift and converting an existing flatbed with a metal floor. So, some of the costs would be saved there. If I can figure out how to post th epics of the other two I will.

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    I built a 4X8 dump trailer for 1565.00 to use around the place last winter. I did not include consumables in the cost. I used Ebay for the hydraulic pump and actuator and purchased a 300.00 trailer that had three 12ga metal sides and I used the rest for parts, axle, springs and some metal.
    It holds 2.1 cu yds and dumps it with no problem.

    The reason I built mine was because I couldn't find one under 3500.00 locally and I wanted to see if I could actually do it.

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    I am still having problems downlaoding pictures, but since this flatbed is done the dump is the next project. I hope to hear from some pros on options etc.

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    nice job on the additions to the sides.

    If any of you all are wanting to build dump units, you ought to check ought "Pierce Sales" in Henryetta, Texas for power units - they sell nationwide - good pricing, lots of options. The mainly have Monarch hydraulic units - Monarch builds more DC Hydraulic units than anyone else in North America.

    Also, for hydraulic cylinders and evertyhing you could want on this kind of hydraulics, check out Bailey's Hydraulics.

    We are OEM and it is normally even cheaper for us to buy these items at these places. We have a line of 70 foot scissor-lilft mechanisms we build and use their products.
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    We built one at school last year and with only materials i think it came around 3k.

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    Kinda looks like buying used and modifying would save a little.

    Price of new steel is still high here.

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