i think you are making it hard on yourself by setting the amps so low. you should be able to give it some peddle and get the puddle right now, boom!! there it is. if you are running too cold like i suspect you are you will be takeing to long to start the puddle and as such are waisting a lot of time and putting too much heat into the serounding area.
i would try kicking your amp's up to atleast 1amp per .01 steel +10%. this will alow you to get the puddle to start fast and add heat as its needed or back off as needed. if you did not have a foot controle, i would not recomend the extra heat, but with the foot controle you can back aff as needed and add as needed.
give it a try with the amps up higher and see how you like it, i think you will like the results as i suspect you are running too cold. no point in useing a foot controle if its bottemed out all the time.
give it a try, you will like it.
you can always back off a lil on the foot controle as you add filler then heat back up again as you move forward.